Mitchells Plain Traders Eviction Postponed

31 10 2009

Informal Traders in Mitchells Plain Town Centre have been facing the threat of eviction. With a pending removal date of November 2nd, the Traders have been organising to oppose the eviction process. Today the Traders were met with some relief as the process has been postponed once again – the operational eviction has been called off. A workshop, hosted by the city, will be held between the executive members of each Trader’s association in the Town Centre, including CHATA, within the next two weeks. A member of parliament was also invited to attend – Marius Fransman – to discuss the issues facing the traders in Mitchells Plain. CHATA has asked for the intervention of the ANC and they have given their full support to Informal Traders and have successfully helped in negotiating with Mayor Dan Plato. Thanks are given from CHATA to all those who have helped with negotiating the postponement.

The work of CHATA (Concerned Hawkers and Traders Association) is being met with progress and Traders are openly voicing their concerns with the process.

For more information Contact: Mischka Cassiem 073 128 6657 and/or Naiela 072 905 0779




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