Symphony Way is not dead. We are still Symphony Way. We will always be Symphony Way.

30 10 2009

Symphony Way Anti-Eviction Campaign
30 October 2009

We, the pavement dwellers of Symphony Way, have just completed our forced removed from the road into the relocation camp of Blikkiesdorp. However, during the past week, a lot of misinformation has been thrown around about our community by the City and in the media.

Firstly, we would like to make absolutely clear that there was not a single family from Symphony Way who actually wanted to move to Blikkiesdorp. It was reported in the Argus a few days ago that people were excited about their new places and the move was festive. This is of course not true. There is a reason that over 100 families actively refused to move to Blikkies for over 20 months. It was also reported that there were divisions in the community about the move. This is also untrue. We were merely having an extended conversation of our options: (a) pay exhorbitant fees at backyards, (b) go to crime infested Blikkies, (c) occupy unused land, occupy empty bond houses, etc. The only reason we have moved to Blikkiesdorp is because our children are traumatised by the first eviction in February 2008 in which police opened fire and shot over 20 of us including women and children. We do not want our families to again face the violence of this evil police force.

Now that we have moved to Blikkiesdorp, we are not happy about the conditions. Many of our toilets and taps are not working. Many of our roofs are faulty and substandard.

In Symphony Way, there was almost no crime and we left our doors unlocked.
In Blikkies the crime is out of control and we barricade ourselves in our homes at night.
In Symphony Way, it was warmer because we had better insulation from the cold.
In Blikkies, the shacks have no significant insulation.
In Symphony Way, it was less windy.
In Blikkies, the wind blows the sand in our faces and hair
In Symphony Way, larger families built larger structures
In Blikkies, all the structures are the same no matter the family size

Therefore, we wish to extend a cordial invitation to those responsible for the reimergence of Apartheid era Temporary Relocation Areas in the new South Africa. We would like to invite Plato, Zille, Sexwale and any government official to spend a week living in the Symphony Section of Blikkiesdorp (not just a day because that is just a PR campaign). Perhaps, this way, you will finally understand why we hate Blikkiesdorp so much. And dont worry, we will protect the drug dealers and rapists!

Our Way Forward: We wish to make known that we are still the Symphony Way Pavement Dwellers. We may not be living on the road, but our fight for houses has only just begun. We warn government that we have not forgotten that they have promised us houses and we, the Symphony Way Anti-Eviction Campaign, will make sure we get what is rightfully ours. We will be holding a mass meeting of Symphony Block this Sunday the 1st of November to decide as a community on the way forward for our struggle. You may call us to find out what we have decided.

For more information contact:

Kareemah at 078 492 0943
Aunty Badru at 072 822 8109
Aunty Jane at 074 238 4236
Mncedisi at 078 580 8646



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