Parkfields condemns the State for allowing CJ Botman to plea bargain away his responsibility to pay us back 2 million rand

30 10 2009

Parkfields (Newfields) AEC Press Release
30 October 2009

To: All media and civil society

From: Parkfields Community Representative Committee (formerly Newfields Village CRC)

Re: Condemnation of the latest postponement allowed by the state prosecutor in the case against C.J. Botman without input from our community

Trial postponed until 27 November 2009
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

The people of Newfields Village, which currently faces evictions, experienced this injustice yesterday when the state, without consulting with representatives of our communties, accepted the final, final postonment of the case against C. J. Botman in order to accommodate the disgraced attorney.

Botman was ordered by the court to try to repay the money he stole from the attorneys fidelity fund to the tune of R400,000. However, the CRC did not have any say in Mr. Botman’s plea-bargain. Mr. Botman doesn’t only owe the state 400,000 Rand. He also owes residents about 2 million rand. But our needs are being ignored by the state prosecutor.

We strongly reject these arrangements and strongly reject this postponement.In order to form part of the closure of this traumatic chapter in their lives, the residents of Parkfields (Newfields) plan to sign a petition oposing any further postponement as well as reserving the right for anyone affected to speak in court. We also request a forensic audit into where the money went as well as a response from Advocate Morne Basson and his uncle Ettiene Basson of Acuba Construction who received engineering fees from Botman without consulting us.

To end, the biggest injustice to our community of Parkfields is that Cape Town Community Housing Company, the City and the National Housing Finance Corporation upon development of our community knowingly and without even opening the City’s township registers named our community as Newfields Village in order to hide the fraud and corruption with regards to the rates on our land. We have found out that our land is owned by Parkfields Primary School who already pays rates to government. Yet, in naming us Newfields, the City has been able to illegally charge us rates for this same land .

Then, government pumped a further R80 million into poorly built houses that cannot be fixed and in doing so government promoted the constuctive privatisation of Section 26 of the Constitution which has thereby unfairly subjected residents to evictions.

As Parkfields Village, we maintain that: Blikkiesdorp is not an option for our families. Our roots are in District 6. If we are moved anywhere, we should be moved back there to our original home.

For more information contact:

072 392 5859 Gary
084 816 7437 Donny





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