Outcry over Gugulethu Mall heats up, actions to continue Wednesday morning

28 10 2009

Gugulethu AEC Press Release
28 October 2009

On Monday, hundreds of Gugulethu residents marched in protest over the improper allocation of jobs at the new Gugulethu Square Mall which is set to begin trading this Thursday.

Yesterday, the 27th of October, representatives from the mall along with local ward councillors and the Gugulethu Development Forum (GDF) convened a meeting to address the anger of community members regarding this issue. At 18h00, Kwezi Hall was packed with members of the Anti-Eviction Campaign and other Gugulethu residents with crowed estimates somewhere between 1,000-2,000.

The residents were furious at the entire job process despite PR efforts presenting the mall as a boon for the local economy. Residents complained of the non-response from employers after they had sent in their resumes online through the Jobs@Gugs program. Other residents complained that since the mall was support by local government, at least 80% of the jobs should be given to locals.

Ward councillors insisted that residents should use the Gugulethu Development Forum as a platform to speak with the mall’s management about the jobs.

However, after only a short time, angry residents walked out of the meeting saying that only a non-partisan organisation such as the Anti-Eviction Campaign can create a platform to fight for jobs for residents. Since the AEC was not associated with any political party, it could fairly represent the unemployed workers of Gugulethu.

The people don’t have confidence in councillors and their forums!

Since the ward councillors and the GDF are all associated with political parties, residents refused to work with them saying that they are against the politicisation of jobs and the distribution of jobs only to members of certain political parties.

This morning at 06h30, residents will assemble at Kwezi Hall and again march in protest to the mall construction site. The residents will continue to prevent the mall from opening and will disturb all functions associated with the mall until the employers agree that 80% of the mall’s jobs will go to Gugulethu residents.

Down with the politicisation of jobs! The mall must benefit all, not only a few!

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