Media: Pavement dwellers given ’a raw deal’

27 10 2009

Malungelo Booi | 27 October 2009 | Eyewitness News

Some Symphony Way pavement dwellers have complained the City of Cape Town has given them a “raw deal.”

The city began relocating residents on Monday, following a court order granting the eviction.However, dozens of the squatters expressed unhappiness about being moved to crime-ridden Blikkiesdorp, saying municipal authorities should have identified and secured an alternate site.

There were tears as Matilda Groepe packed her belongings.

“We weren’t even given an option. According to the judgement it was Blikkies – end of discussion. We were given a raw deal.”

Groepe was one of more than a hundred people who started living on the pavement in Symphony Way in February 2008 after they were evicted from N2 Gateway homes they had illegally occupied in December 2007.

Groepe said it was difficult to leave the place she called home for nearly two years.

“Blikkies was no option. Serious. I’m very sad.”

City officials have set aside the entire week to move pavement dwellers to the sprawling temporary settlement of Blikkiesdorp.




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