Nonagenarian’s funeral interrupted by police carrying out another illegal eviction

23 10 2009

Gugulethu Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Release
23 October 2009

Yesterday morning, only moments before the funeral service of the late Eunice Nothemba Boyseen, a group of police officers arrived at Mrs Boyseen’s house and attempted to illegally evict her daughter Dora Boyseen and the rest of her family.  Luckily, residents were able to prevent this eviction from taking place.

This was not the first time that police attempted to illegally evict the Boyseen family.  The first and second evictions happened last year when AEC member Nothemba Boyseen was 93 years old.  Because of her age, Nothemba was intured during the process.
The reason the evictions have been taking place is because of an error mad eby the City of Cape Town in which the nextdoor neighbour was mistakenly given the title deed to both her own home and the home of Nothemba Boyseen.  Dora Boyseen complains that the neighbour even harrassed her family and sweared in front of guests during the funeral procession.

The Boyseen family are very upset because while it is the error of the City, it is their family that has had to suffer the consequences.

We would like to also inform everything that this morning at 11h00, the Boyseen family has been invited with the Anti-Eviction Campaign to meet with Grace Blaauw from the City of Cape Town

For more information, contact:

Katie Meintjies (AEC member and neice of Nothemba Boyseen) at 079 996 2597
Antana Masizana (Street Chairperson) at 073 189 9008
Mncedisi Twalo (AEC coordinator) at 078 580 8646




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