S’bu Zikode speaks at UKZN

22 10 2009

S’bu Zikode will give the Forum Lecture at the University of KwaZulu-Natal at 12:20 today.
This will be his first public address since the armed attack on AbM in the Kennedy Road settlement on the night of 26 September, the systematic destruction of the homes of all AbM leaders living in the settlement and the ongoing death threats against AbM activists – which have now spread beyond the Kennedy Road settlement to include activists living elsewhere with a particular emphasis on those who have spoken in the media.
The police have made no attempt to stop the ongoing attack on the movement and a number of ANC politicians have made statements that indicate a clear complicity with the ongoing attack.There can be no doubt that we are in the midst of a violent and state backed political purge against the largest poor people’s movment to have emerged in post-apartheid South Africa.
The ANC mob who have, without sanction, been openly threatening AbM members at the court hearings for the Kennedy Thirteen have openly declared that their intention when they attacked the AbM Youth Camp on 26 September was to kill S’bu Zikode. There have been many threats against his life since then and he, together with a number of other AbM leaders, has been living in hiding since 26 September.
This lecture is a public event and all are welcome to attend, including the media.

University of KwaZulu-Natal Forum Lecture

Presenter: S’bu Zikode
Topic: Party politic vs living politic in Kennedy Road.
Venue: Shepstone 5, Howard College Campus, UKZN
Date: 22 October 2009
Time: 12:20

For those who can stay, there will be a screening of a new documentary film in progress called ‘Dear Mandela’. This will be screened after the forum lecture at about 13:20 in the same venue.




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