Funeral of Gugulethu’s oldest victim of evictions, Nothemba Boyseen, 93

21 10 2009

Gugulethu AEC Press Release
22 October 2009

At 94 years, one of the oldest known victims of illegal evictions in post-Apartheid South Africa will be laid to rest today in Gugulethu Cemetery.

Eunice Nothemba Boyseen was one of the 150 people illegally evicted last year in Gugulethu alone. She was forcibly taken from her council home by police who came without a court order. Despite being a vulnerable 93 year old lady, the eviction was not even conducted in a dignified way and she was injured during the process.

At the time, she said this of the City of Cape Town: “They have no respect for women that stays in council houses”.

The Makhulu was supported by Gugulethu Anti-Eviction Campaign activists who, after the illegal eviction, helped put her back in her home. She was one of the 146 successful cases of 2008 where evicted Gugulethu residents were assisted to be put back in their homes.

Eunice Nothemba Boyseen passed away last week but her memory will stick with us for years to come. Makhulu will forever remind us of why we continue to fight against all evictions that seek to destroy the lives of South Africa’s poor.

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