Media: Symphony Way families to be forcibly removed

19 10 2009

Chantall Presence | 19 October 2009 | Eyewitness News

Delft Symphony Way dwellers may be forcibly removed soon.

The Western Cape High Court on Monday confirmed an earlier court order giving the city the right to relocate the families.They have been living on the pavement since being evicted from Delft houses they illegally occupied.

The order paves the way for the City of Cape Town to move into Symphony Way and start relocating scores of families to Blikkiesdorp.

Residents said they were disappointed.

Some vowed to stay put and said they would fight any attempt to remove them and their belongings from the temporary structures.

Earlier, the residents’ legal team put a list of demands to the court saying they were only willing to move if living conditions at Blikkiesdorp were significantly improved.

The court rejected the demands, saying improvement could not happen overnight.

(Edited by Danya Philander)




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