Symphony Way Mediations Postponed – Will Resume Tomorrow at 9h00

14 10 2009

Mediations were postponed today, but will resume tomorrow at 9h00 with the same focus:

On Tuesday, Symphony Way pavement dwellers of the Delft Anti-Eviction Campaign met with the city to begin the mediation process regarding the pending evictions of the community from Symphony Way. The community appeared in the Cape Town High Court on Wednesday, October 7th, 2009. The judge ordered that there must be a mediation process to end with a solution.

The Symphony Way pavement dwellers engaged with the city and asked for alternatives to the “Blikkiesdorp” Temporary Relocation Area where they are refusing to move based on its inhumane conditions. But the only option the city is offering is Blikkiesdorp.

The Mediations were to resume today, but were postponed and will continue tomorrow at 9am at the Council Depot in Delft. The Symphony Way community is going back to meet with the city to see what can be done and to discuss further alternatives to Blikkiesdorp.

Any mediators are invited to attend and assist with the process. All media is invited to attend.

For more information please contact: Ashraf Cassiem 0761861408 and Evelyn 072-748-6864




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