The Attack on AbM Continues in Kennedy Road

11 10 2009

Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement
October 11 2009 at 11h00

The ANC is currently holding a meeting in the Kennedy Road Community Hall.

The meeting was called by Ma Mjoli who is from the Foreman Road settlement and is the secretary of the BEC of the ANC in Ward 25. There are also big men from the ANC there in their fancy cars.A decision has been taken to demolish two more shacks after the meeting. These shacks both belong to AbM members – they are both women. They decision has been justified on the grounds that:

1. They are known AbM activists.
2. They failed to attend today’s meeting.
3. They failed to accept pressure to board the ANC buses to protest for denial of bail at the bail hearing for the Kennedy 8.

The meeting will shortly move on to hold an election for a new committee in Kennedy Road. Clearly an election held under these circumstance (i.e. in which the first order of business is to take a decision to demolish the shacks of AbM supporters) will be neither free nor fair.

The attack on AbM by the local ANC with the clear backing of the ANC higher up continues.

We cannot give the contact details for anyone in Kennedy Road for their own safety. But once they have been turned from shack dwellers into refugees they will be free to speak to the media.




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