Media: Xhosa attack ‘far more sinister’

29 09 2009

Note: Why were so many AbM members who are both Zulu and Xhosa attacked, injured, and had their homes destroyed if it were just about ethnic violence?  The ANC are calling it ethnic violence to distract attention from their role in organising the attacks.

29 Sep 2009
Sharlene Packree
The Witness

SECURITY has been increased in Durban’s Kennedy Road settlement after two men were murdered in a mob attack linked to tensions between Zulu and Xhosa shack dwellers.

Mthokozisi Ndlovu and Ndumiso Mnguni were killed when a mob told all Xhosas to leave the settlement. Chaos broke out just after 7 pm on Sunday night when the mob ran through the settlement looking for Xhosa residents.During the riot, the mob da­maged 15 houses that belonged to Xhosa residents and stabbed the two men to death.

Police had to use rubber bullets to control the crowd. Eight suspects were arrested and police are searching for more.

Police spokeswoman Director Phindile Radebe said no incidents of violence were repor­ted yesterday, but police have stepped up patrols around the settlement.

A large contingent of police has also been deployed to monitor residents in the settlement.

The Abahlali baseMjondolo (Shack Dwellers) Movement president S’bu Zikode said tri­bal fighting surfaced earlier this year, but was dealt with by a special task team that had been set up.

Zikode attributes Sunday’s incident to interference from local politicians who want to “invade the settlement”.

“The reality is that political incitement has played a large role in the riots. The local ward councillor and other politicians want to take the settlement away from the Kennedy Road development committee.”

He said this ploy was to create division to undermine the leadership of Abahlali baseMjondolo so that other political parties could move in.

“Yes, tribal fighting did play a role in the mob attack, but there is something more sinister at work here,” he said.

He said that residents, who are being housed in a local community hall, now fear for the lives.

“I want to assure all shack dwellers that their safety is our priority. We will do our best to ensure that order is restored at the settlement.

Zikode’s house was also looted and then destroyed by members of the mob. He claims that police did not stop the mob while they were looting his shack.




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18 10 2009
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23 10 2009
Dumisani Ngidi

This is unacceptable behaviour displayed by our brothers and sisters against our brothers and sisters. It is the time for us to learn that we all belong to this country no matter you are whatever ethnic group but you are a South African. The ruling party must play its role in terms of educating its constituencies about the rights to live which applies to each individual member regardless of where you come from. Communities also need extensive education as to what behaviour to display for the love of this land. It is intolerable to see our comrades dying in the hands of another comrades, really unacceptable and must be discouraged at all levels of the communities. Perpetrators must be locked up. If the ruling party does not take its position regarding this ethnic infighting this country is in the brink of natiowide violence which would be difficult to stop one it started.

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