Draft letter of concern: Kennedy Road Attacks

29 09 2009

In 24 hrs we collected 103 signatures of academics, professionals, students, activists, members of civil society organisations, authors based in South Africa and abroad.

28 September 2009

We are greatly concerned about reports of violent attacks in Kennedy road that started this weekend. According to press releases from Abahlali baseMjondolo, a group of 40 armed men attacked a youth camp shouting ‘The AmaMpondo are taking over Kennedy. Kennedy is for the AmaZulu.’ Several deaths resulted, shacks have been burnt and many have fled and are hiding in the bush.

Many shack settlements in the Clare Estate area accommodate people from the Eastern Cape. Various language groups have co-habited in shack settlements relatively peacefully until now. This new violence that targets ethnicity and political affiliation is an extremely worrying development indeed. Also worrying are reports of the failure of the Sydenham police station to take action to defend the lives and property of shack residents.

We call on authorities to denounce the violence, to reaffirm that all are welcome in eThekwini regardless of origin and political affiliation, to protect the lives and property of those under attack, to provide shelter for those displaced, and to arrange a credible investigation.


1.            Dr Sharad Chari, London School of Economics, UK
2.            Professor David Spurrett, UKZN
3.            Lliane Loots, UKZN
4.            Prof Dori Posel, UKZN
5.            Dr Firoze Manji, Director, Fahamu – Networks for Social Justice
6.            Lara-Lee Burn, UKZN Alumni
7.            Dr Michael Neocosmos, Honorary Professor in Global Movements Monash University, Australia and South Africa
8.            Percy Ngonyama, UKZN Student (MA) and Activist
9.            Jared Sacks, Executive Director of Children of South Africa
10.        Ibrahim Steyn, Social science researcher and political activist Democracy Development Programme, Durban / UKZN
11.        Jane Quin, Social Justice Education, UKZN
12.        Richard Kuper, Friends of Workers Education in South Africa, London
13.        Dr Claire Benit-Gbaffou, Senior Lecturer, Wits University
14.        Sally Giles, UKZN
15.        Dr. Sayed Iqbal Mohamed, chairperson, Organisation of Civic Rights (OCR)
16.        Prof. Thenjiwe Meyiwa, Gender Studies Department, UKZN
17.        Kelsey L. Draper, University of Cape Town
18.        Dr Daniela Casale, School of Development Studies, UKZN
19.        Mandisi Majavu, Africa Project for Participatory
20.        Jenny Morgan, London
21.        Libby Collins, Student Councilling, UKZN
22.        Britt Baatjes, Freelancer
23.        Wayne Hugo, Head of School Education and Development UKZN
24.        Dr Corinne Sandwith, English, UKZN
25.        Prof Martin Legassick
26.        Prof Jill Bradbury, Psychology, UKZN
27.        Raj Patel, Author, San Francisco
28.        Kathryn Pillay, UKZN
29.        Richard Ballard, UKZN
30.       TarrynFrankish Schoolof Psychology, UKZN
31.        KerryFrizelle Schoolof Psychology, UKZN
32.        Crispin Hemson Education and Development, UKZN
33.        Peter Machen, Durban
34.        Sarah Osman
35.        Kalinca Copello, Science and Technology Policy Research University of Sussex
36.        Ekari Valerie Mbvundula
37.        Richard Pithouse, Rhodes University
38.        Saajidha Sader, Lecturer, Sch of Education & Development, University of KwaZulu-Natal
39.        Tessa Moll, University of Cape Town grad student
40.        Dr Sarah Glynn, University of St Andrews, Scotland
41.        Lubna Nadvi (UKZN)
42.        Florian Kaefer Journalist, Germany
43.        Salim Vally, senior researcher, Centre for Education Rights and Transformation, University of Johannesburg
44.        Kerry Vermaak, UKZN
45.        Sophie Oldfield, Geography, UCT
46.        Filippo Mondini, Comboni Missionary. Castel Volturno, Italy
47.        Monika Vykoukal, University of Wolverhampton
48.        Associate Professor, Department of History, UKZN (Howard College)
49.        Anna Selmeczi, Central European University (Budapest, Hungary)
50.        Kally Forrest, Editor South African Labour Bulletin
51.        Natalie Schell (University of Cape Town)
52.        Patrick Bond, University of KwaZulu-Natal Centre for Civil Society, Durban
53.        Nigel Gibson, Emerson, US
54.        Children of Fire Trust and Children of Fire International
55.        Michal Singer, Struggles for Justice Programme, South African History Archive (SAHA), William Cullen Library, University of the Witwatersrand
56.        Tasmi Quazi, UKZN
57.        Francie Lund, UKZN
58.        Toussaint Losier, University of Chicago, United States of America
59.        Dr Monique Marks, Sociology, UKZN
60.        Adrian Bellengere, Law, UKZN
61.        Amanda Alexander, Columbia University, New York, USA
62.        Katie Mazer, University of Toronto, Canada
63.        Chris, 56a Infoshop, London
64.        Mduduzi Hlongwa, UKZN
65.        Shailly Barnes, CiViSOL – Colombia, United States
66.        Dr Laurence Cox, Dept. of Sociology, National University of Ireland Maynooth.
67.        Desmond D’Sa SDCEA Co-Ordinator
68.        Peter Mietzner, Namibia
69.        Amanda Barratt, Humanities Access Programme University of KwaZulu-Natal
70.       Antonis Vradis, London School of Economics, Geography
71.        Gill Hart, UKZN and/or University of California Berkeley
72.        David Szanton, Berkeley California
73.        Dr Stuart Hodkinson, School of Geography, University of Leeds
74.        Wendy Willems, International Programmes Research Officer, War on Want
75.        David Hallowes, Independent researcher
76.        Ann Eveleth, independent writer, researcher & activist, Washington DC, USA
77.        Laura Huss UCT Masters Development Studies Student and Researcher
78.        Margaret Jack, Durban
79.        Kerry Chance, Chicago University
80.        Anthony Collins, UKZN
81.        Jessica Wilczak, Department of Geography and Program in Planning, University of Toronto
82.        Shannon Walsh, Miguel University, Montreal
83.        Max Andrucki, Leeds University, UK
84.        Dr Nathalia E. Jaramillo, Educational Studies and Cultural Foundations Purdue University
85.        Robert Sniderman
86.        Pamela Yates, President, Skylight Pictures, Inc. NY,
87.        Ally Brundige, Yale Divinity School, USA.
89.        Francesco Gastaldon, University of Bologna, Italy.
90.        Huffa Frobes-Cross, Columbia University, Art History PhD
91.        Antonio Moretti, US.
92.        Carla Klassen, University of Toronto, Canada
93.        John Grayson, A/L Sheffield Hallam University,U.K.
94.        Imraan Valodia, UKZN
95.        Elizabeth Brundige, Yale Law School, United States of America
96.        John Minto, Global Peace and Justice Auckland, former anti-apartheid activist (HART)
97.        Jumani Clarke (MA student, Development Studies, Sociology, University of Cape Town)
98.        Steven Robins, University of Stellenbosch
99.        Maya Semans, Boston, Massachusetts, Student at Simmons College
100.    Dr Jérôme Tournadre-Plancq, Researcher, Centre national de la recherche scientifique, Institut des sciences sociales du politique (Université Paris X)
101.    Aaron Dallek
102.    Jim Gladwin, Citizens Against Privatisation, Auckland, New Zealand
103.    Professor Peter McLaren, University of California, Los Angeles




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