Media: Outcry as developer bulldozes butchery

3 09 2009

By Natasha Prince
3 September 2009, 15:42 – Cape Times

Police were called in to monitor the demolition and eviction of a butchery next to an Nyanga development, after local residents rallied at the gates demanding that the authorities leave.

Police cordoned off the entrance to the gate, while angry residents watched and shouted as bulldozers and trucks removed fridges and equipment, then tore down part of the Skhoma Butchery.The butchery is making way for the Gugulethu Square Mall, which is under construction and owned by prominent local businessman Mzoli Ngcawuzele.

Thandi Koyana, who runs the butchery, a family business, said it had been established by her grandfather and had been open for 25 years.

Koyana watched in dismay as the windows were torn down and kilograms of meat were left lying on the concrete in the sun.

Fridges, counters, tables, cupboards and other equipment were strewn in front of the gate.

“They just arrived here without a warrant or anything to take my things,” Koyana said.

Her son, Unathi Koyana, said a court order issued two months ago had set a number of conditions that were to have been met.

These included the developer’s helping them transport the equipment and providing them with alternative accommodation for the butchery until the mall was completed.

The butchery was to continue trading in the mall temporarily, and a new lease agreement was to be signed.

“But we didn’t get the lease, so we did not want to move,” Unathi Koyana said.

Residents furious about the demolition shouted at the workers as they tore down part of the butchery.

They called the move “illegal” and “not right”.

Mncedisi Twalo, a community worker and representative of the Anti- Eviction Campaign, said the move was “unacceptable”.

The community was rallying behind the Koyana family, Twalo said.

Neither Mzoli nor Koyana’s legal representative could be reached for comment on Wednesday.

* This article was originally published on page 4 of The Cape Argus on September 03, 2009




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