Film release: Amanzi Ngawethu (Water is Ours)

31 08 2009

Sunday 30 August 2009 – APF

Six year legal battle for water rights in South African reaches Constitutional Court on 2nd Sept

Amanzi Ngawethu (Water is Ours) is spreading the word about a critical moment for water struggles in South Africa. Please forward and spread the news far and wide!

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In the next few days, on the 2nd & 3rd of September 2009, the Constitutional Court of South Africa will hear the final appeal in a case brought by five Soweto residents challenging prepaid water meters and insufficient free basic water. The Bill of Rights of the South African Constitution guarantees right of access to sufficient water.

However, poor communities in Johannesburg’s townships do not have sufficient water and do not receive the same water service as the richer suburbs. This six year legal battle is working to secure constitutional rights for all – water is a right not a privilege!

Diverse forces have come together – from community mobilisation to self-organised water services to legal action – in powerful struggles which have won an historic High Court victory and empowered people to remove prepaid water meters and reconnect to free water, despite threats of criminalisation. In that spirit, Amanzi Ngawethu (Water is Ours) brings together protest songs, photos and video from people and organisations involved in the struggle and working in solidarity.

When the hearing starts in the Constitutional Court, the residents of Phiri along with their legal team, supporters & millions of poor people in South Africa & across the world will be watching and listening. Whatever the outcome of this legal case, the struggle to ensure accessible, adequate & affordable water for all will continue.

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Authorship: Coalition Against Water Privatisation, Anti-Privatisation Forum, Centre for Applied Legal Studies, Friction Films and Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.



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