Press Alert: Trial of notorious lawyer who stole 2 million Rand from poor communities begins tomorrow

30 08 2009

Event: The trial of disbarred attorney Mr C.J. Botman who skipped the country 5 years ago with over 2 million Rand of our money.
Date: 31 August – 4th September, 2009
Location: S/O Crimes Unit court in Bellville

The case:

Mr Botman is being charged for steeling about R2-million from the residents of the 9 Cape Town Community Housing Company (CTCHC) villages. The lawyer had opened a trust account where residents paid their rent as they were boycotting rental payments to CTCHC. Somehow, Mr. Botman was able to swindle the money out of the trust fund and then flee the country and resettle in the UK.

Residents originally began boycotting CTCHC because the houses began to fall apart and the company began raising rents despite advertising low rents under R350. Mr. Botman stole the rent money from the same poor people who are now facing eviction for their rent boycott.

Over 1,000 families have been affected by the theft and residents of the 9 villages.

For more information, contact Newflieds Village AEC Community Representative Committee @ 072 392 5859




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