Media: Gugulethu shopkeepers solves the prices dispute

19 08 2009

By Nomava Nobumba – Bush Radio
19 August 2009

A deadlock between local and Somali shopkeepers, regarding trade prices in Gugulethu has been resolved after an agreement was signed yesterday.The dispute between the two parties was mediated by the Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign.

Both groups have agreed that the deal is meant to be a blueprint for other small businesses in other communities and will help them prevent a redo of last year’s xenophobic attacks.

“It’s took a very long and now we are pleased that it is over,” said the Chairperson of Anti Eviction Campaign in Gugulethu Mncedisi Twalo.

The Anti-Eviction Campaign says the deal will help avert xenophobia-related violence in the area.




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