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14 08 2009

2009-08-14 06:01:00 – VOCFM

Mncedisi Twalo (left) of the Anti Eviction Campaign tries to explain a point to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee’s senior Liaison officer Dr. Lawrence Mbagson, who chaired Thursday’s meeting convened in Guguletu to diffuse worrying rising tensions between local traders and Somali shop owners in the townships.

Cape Town is the most receptive and friendly city towards foreigners. That is according to the senior liaison officer of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Dr Lawrence Mbangson who based his comment on his personal experience and research. At the same time, he said that the Mother City has not the most welcoming community in South Africa, because the UNHCR has not recorded high cases of abuse in Cape Town compared to other cities in the country.

Mbaangson spoke to VOC at the Luyola Community Centre in Guguletu on Thursday where he had been part of a mediation team invited to diffuse another possible xenophobic attack targeting Somali shop keepers. The meeting that was organised by the Anti Eviction Campaign and was also attended by the provincial police spokesperson, Captain Siyangana, Guguletu sub-councilor Elias Mabuwa, Community Policing Forum chairperson Mzonke Dlambulo and members of the ruling African National Congress Party among others.


Guguletu sub councilor Elias Mabuwa denied allegations made against local government officials in the area, accusing them of not being willing to help foreign nationals. “These allegations are baseless and unfounded.” He said Twalo was spreading propaganda against government officials. “We are always willing to help and shall always help,” he stressed.

Earlier in the meeting the Anti Eviction Campaign’s coordinator, Mcebisi Twalo, claimed that local government officials were not willing to help his organisation to diffuse a rising xenophobic crisis seen in the renewed attacks on Somali shopkeepers in the township. Regardless of Mabuwa’s rebuttal, Twalo insists that local government officials were bureaucratic and unwilling to help. “Those are just sweet words. These people (local government) are uncooperative, and if another xenophobic attack occurs, we shall blame them,” he said.

Despite of the ANC’s squabbles with local government, provincial police spokesperson for the police Captain Elliot Siyangana told VOC that the SAPS were on high alert to ensure that no violence or intimidation occurred in Guguletu or surrounding townships. VOC (Hassan Isilow)




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14 08 2009

The Anti eviction campaign is surely doing a great Job.

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