AbM: Evictions Have been Stopped in Howick!

9 08 2009

Emergency Press Release

Abahlali are singing and protesting against the bulldozer and the police with courage and commitment. The bulldozer had to reverse. It is about to leave. The Durban comrades have have just phoned Delani Madondo from Umngeni Municipality, who says he is in church and will be working on Tuesday. He says that he does not know anything about the eviction that was happening now.

When things are calmer Roni Khanyile will give full details to the media that are now present there. Read the rest of this entry »


Cape Argus: Sexwale puts eviction to Delft on hold

9 08 2009

Note: As usual, the media ignores the actual people of Joe Slovo.  No one bothers to ask what they really think about the billionaire turned politician.

Joe Slovo residents ‘must be given time’

August 07, 2009 Edition 1 – Cape Argus
Andisiwe Makinana

HUMAN Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale has promised the residents of Joe Slovo informal settlement a reprieve, saying they will not be immediately removed from the area to Delft.

Sexwale, who visited a number of the city’s informal settlements yesterday, told a meeting of about 500 people in Joe Slovo that despite the Constitutional Court ruling in favour of the housing department to remove the residents to Delft so that the next phase of the N2 Gateway project could start, he will have the implementation of that judgment postponed. Read the rest of this entry »

Media- The real winners and losers: of the beautiful game

9 08 2009

Source: Sunday Herald

SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa’s 2010 world cup looms amidst a rising tide of anger and protest among the poor majority of South African citizensFrom Fred Bridgland in Johannesburg

SOUTH AFRICA’S 2010 World Cup looms amidst a rising tide of anger and protest among the poor majority of South African citizens From Fred Bridgland in Johannesburg IN just 306 days the 2010 World Cup will kick off in South Africa at a cost to the host government and FIFA, world football’s governing body, of at least £4 billion. When the month-long football fest is over, South Africans will be left with 10 magnificent state-of-the-art stadiums. Read the rest of this entry »