Press Release: Athlone AEC Sunday Protest

7 08 2009

On August 9, 2009 at 15h00, the Athlone Anti-Eviction Campaign with be holding a protest for the Scrapping of Arrears and for not being allowed to participate in the upgrading of Kewtown. The protest will state in the square at Block #13 in Kewtown.

The Kewtown community wants to be included in the apartment renovations DURING and AFTER the upgrading takes place. There will be a petition available on Sunday for all and any communities that want to support the actions of Kewtown opposing the proposed upgrading policies that exclude them and will evict them due to the process.

The press and the public are encouraged to attend.

The Athlone Anti-Eviction Campaign was established in 2002 to assist the residents of the Athlone area. We have been fighting water cuts, defending illegal occupations and the non-removal of the Gatesville hawkers, promoting free education for youth, public housing efforts and the scrapping of arrears. It has been very long now and our forefathers own the houses that we are living in today.

Contacts: Pamela Buekes: 0793709614 & Manuel Dyers: 0742960358




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