Media: Khayelitsha residents to be briefed on solutions for service delivery

7 08 2009

August 04, 2009 Edition 1
Francis Hweshe – Cape Argus

THE CITY is to meet Khayelitsha residents next week to tell them what efforts have been made to address their concerns since the service delivery protests there two weeks ago.

Their complaints ranged from the need for relocation and better housing to electricity and water provision.
The protests were followed by a march to deliver a collective memorandum of demands by the Macassar Village backyard dwellers, led by housing lobby group Abahlali baseMjondolo.

They gave Mayor Dan Plato until yesterday to respond.

The city said yesterday it would not be able to address “all the concerns and demands reflected in the memorandum”.

The affected neighbourhood was one of 223 informal settlements across the Peninsula that needed to be managed in a “transparent, equitable and fair manner”.

It also said there was a shortage of land available for housing or relocation, and advised communities to approach councillors, subcouncils and ward forums when they had grievances.

The city said the QQ section, ranked number 21 on the master plan and scene of fierce protests recently, was “illegally located under high voltage overhead electricity power lines along Lansdowne Road”.

With 1 364 dwellings, “decentralisation is required”.

Between July and Decem-ber, the city would be dealing with issues in the informal settlements ranked 91 to 120.

Khayelitsha’s Sections VV and WA were not registered and not ranked. Section VV had 50 dwellings and no standpipe or toilets. Ten flush toilets were needed for the area. Section WA had 61 dwellings, no toilets and one standpipe – 12 flush toilets, two gulleys and two standpipes were needed.




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