Tambo Square: Residents set toilets on fire

21 07 2009

21 July 2009, 07:30
Natasha Prince – Cape Argus

A new range of bucket toilets has caused a stink among Gugulethu residents, who set them alight in the street to underline their demands for better sanitation.

The toilets were introduced into the Tambo Square informal settlement community almost two months ago.Ward councillor Belinda Landingwe of the ANC said the toilets were intended “for the betterment of the community”, which had previously used larger black buckets in a long-drop – toilets referred to as the black bucket system.

But the system has not met with everyone”s approval in the community, and yesterday afternoon police had to be called in to monitor the situation as angry residents confronted Landingwe.

As the residents sang and danced in front of the burning toilets, the overwhelming stench of burning faeces filled the air.

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