Xenophobia: Local businesses in Samora Machel have forcefully closed down 3 Somalian shops

20 07 2009

Urgent Anti-Eviction Press Release
Monday 20 July, 2009

Local businesses in Samora Machel, Kosovo and some other areas have been struggling for years. They are now angry and are unfortunately taking out that anger on the poor and also struggling Somalian traders who have set up shop in their communities.

While the Anti-Eviction Campaign was called in to mediate between local and foreign-owned businesses in Samora Machel as it has done successfully in Gugulethu, the local business owners and traders have refused mediation efforts and taken to the streets attempting to evict Somalian traders who they feel are operating to near to their own businesses. They have now forcefully evicted 3 businesses in Samora Machel

The Anti-Eviction Campaign wishes to make clear that it is 100% against the actions of the local businesspeople of Samora Machel and nearby areas in Philippi. The AEC denounces all forms of poor-on-poor violence as unacceptable.

While the anger of the local businesses is entirely legitimate, we maintain that the real cause of their plight is the government’s anti-poor and anti-small business policies. This ANC/DA government destroys livelihoods of informal traders and small businesses – as they continue to do in Town Centre (Mitchell’s Plain), Gatesville (Athlone), Gugulethu, etc, – while subsidising the invasion of large corporations and malls such as Guguletu Square.

We call on all local businesses to not use Somalians or any other poor person as a scapegoat but to direct their anger at government and big business who are conspiring to undermine their livelihoods.

The AEC will continue their mediation efforts by inviting the local traders of Samora Machel to a meeting in nearby Gugulethu on Tuesday, 21 July.

Please contact us if you think you can help with this situation.

For more information, contact AEC coordinator Mncedisi Twalo at 078 580 8646




One response

21 07 2009
Jim Gladwin - New Zealand

Excellent principled actions by AEC in Gugulethu !! Let this solidarity spread into Samora Machel, Kosovo, and wherever pro-corporate xenophobia rears its ugly head.

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