Opinion – Protests a warning: Roll out delivery, and quickly

20 07 2009

July 19, 2009 Edition 1 – Cape Argus
Wonder Cyril Mlitwa

The recent strikes by construction workers and other sectors, especially the health sector, where doctors went on strike, are proof we are facing a volatile situation that will need urgent attention from senior government officials.

There is also unrest in several communities where people protest against lack of service delivery. This proves people are running out of patience and they expect the pre-election promises to be fulfilled.
What we see is just a warning sign that it might be widespread soon. This might take on the pattern of xenophobia that started in Gauteng and then spread.

It is time for the government to roll out the delivery strategy and this will help to settle the situation.

Start with urgent issues that are troubling people and that will give them a sense that the government cares.

People will not tolerate the situation for very much longer.

Wonder Cyril Mlitwa





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