Opinion: Listen to the shack-dwellers

24 06 2009
Source: Mail & Guardian

Tens of thousands of shack-dwellers in South Africa are doomed to be evicted to transit camps.

Last week the Constitutional Court gave the green light for the eviction of 20 000 people from Cape Town’s Joe Slovo settlement to make way for the N2 Gateway Project. Most residents are to be relocated to the Delft temporary relocation area (TRA).

In 2005, 2 400 families from Langa, Cape Town, were relocated to a camp called Tsunami. In Johannesburg, 6 400 families in Protea South, Soweto, fought a plan to move them to a decant camp in 2007. In Durban, 52 families in Siyanda, KwaMashu, were evicted in December last year and moved to a transit camp to make way for a new freeway. Read the rest of this entry »


Media: City gives law firm the boot

24 06 2009

Note: The City of Cape Town is constantly spending money on lawyers and legal fees because of all the court cases they are involved in against the people of Cape Town.  This makes it difficult for communities such as Macassar AbM and Symphony Way AEC to get any pro-bono support from city law firms who do not want to lose their money coming from the City.

23 June 2009
Anna Majavu – The Sowetan

Fury at handling of shack case

THE city of Cape Town has purged a major law firm because it took on a case for the Abahlali baseMjondolo shack dwellers movement. Read the rest of this entry »