Meida: City council accused of violating court order

15 06 2009

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DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA Jun 15 2009 15:27
Source: Mail and Guardian

The eThekwini municipality has been accused of defying a court order after it locked traders out of the early morning market on Monday despite the Durban High Court ruling they can trade.
Chaos broke out when metro police officers fired rubber bullets to disperse hundreds of people who wanted to break the market gate after the municipality prevented traders without valid permits from entering.

Two traders were injured by rubber bullets and were taken to hospital.

Senior Superintendent Joyce Khuzwayo said: “The municipality has made it clear that it wants to sort out the issue of people who do not have permits. The traders then decided to adopt the ‘injury to one is injury to all’ strategy.”

The city locked out hundreds of traders after it emerged that many were trading without permits. The court at the weekend ruled that traders be granted occupation and possession of their stalls.

“As far as we know, the court stated that we should be allowed to trade but the council has sent police to shoot at us. The city is defying the court order and that is very sad,” said traders’ spokesperson Roy Chetty.

Khuzwayo said the municipality was sorting out the issue of permits so that it could arrange another venue for traders.

“Traders are being removed from the market to make way for the multimillion-rand development of Warwick Junction, which will include a mall,” she said.

She said it was important for the municipality to ensure all traders had permits so they would be provided with an alternative place to do business.

Philip Sithole, head of the city’s business support unit, said the municipality had not defied the court order.

“The doors are open for people who have permits and they were open even before the court ruling. The problem that we have is that legal traders have decided to sympathise with those who do not have permits.”

Traders said they would continue to put pressure on the municipality not to demolish the market.

“Some of us have been trading here for more than 20 years and we believe that between 5 000 and 8 000 people will be affected in terms of income if this market is closed,” said Chetty.

He said poor people were being stripped of their opportunity to generate money so greedy developers would get space to build the mall.

“I smell corruption in this whole thing. I believe that certain people in the municipality will benefit a lot if the mall is built,” said Chetty. — Sapa




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12 11 2009
Zwakele Msane

I like to speak out about the incident which occured in 2007 at the Warwick circle, when police became the pepertrators of violence against innocent hawkers. When I observeved those who were giving an order were all Indian high ranking officers.

The incident left me so traumitised in such a way that I had to quit that type of the job because I could not tolerate to see our own people being humiliated in that way. We talked with the angry crowd to calm down and they cooperated, and later arrived high ranking officers mainly of Indian race who didn’t inquire from us who arrived at the scene earlier, and they undermined our presence, and command that people must be arrested for nothing.


I do not fear any one becaause I talk the truth an I am against the abuse of African Officers to act against other innocent Africans.

12 11 2009
Zwakele Msane

I had lodged a complain against Durban Metro Police of constructive dismissal because of unfair treatment that i had suffered from some members of the management. I had experienced that some other member of other racial group are treated very special because they have their releatives who are in management position and they have powers to humiliate someomene who got employed by applying not through a relative.

It is very dissapointing that a person in the management position is fabricating false allegation against a well behaving and dedicated member. I had false allegations against me and I could not be given a chance that I defend myself. I had been abused psychological in a very cruel manner by certain individuals who are in the management position. False statesment from Idian counterparts were done for several time against me and i coul never be given an opportunity that I explain my version, but only to be punished because of the statements from favourites.

I wish that management position be dominated by people of Christian values, people who can be able to unite and act impartially, because some memberes of the management are accountable for suicidal deaths of young members. I am happy that I have been granted a platform for an opportunity to express my emotional bruises that are still unhealed for what I had forgiven all those who excersiced their powers abusively because they had their intention to bring their relatives or friends on board, so what they needed first is to destroy the potentiol of developing pschologically to some people. I had realised that some other people enjoy to live their houses in the morning with an intention that he/she has to victimise someone verbally or psrchologically, and other carry their frustration with them at the work place, and become violent against someone unncecessarly.

So many experiences have build me up, and make me even more stronger and courageouse. The Bible is the source of my strength and I will never doubt Almighty God who posses all the powers.

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