Press Release: Mitchells Plain Town Centre Allocation Process Stopped

13 06 2009

CHATA (Concerned Hawkers and Traders Association) had a meeting with its members on 10 June 2009, regarding the allocation process of trading bays in Mitchells Plain Town Centre. The allocation process was completely unfair and exclusive although the city claimed they would make it transparent and would consult with the traders regarding all issues of the process.

Councillor Dennis Williams explained in a meeting on 9 June 2009 that the process has been stopped. CHATA needs clarification as to why the process has stopped and for how long. Mr. Williams was the very same councillor who agreed that the hawkers must move to the new market, despite mention that the process was exclusive of about 500 traders.

CHATA has grown from 150 members to 500 members and has formed alliances with other groups in the Town Centre.

Traders are fed up with the City not listening to them. CHATA will continue to fight for the fundamental rights of the informal traders in and around the Western Cape.

Contact: Mischka 0731286657




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