Opinion: Now that we’ve voted, we’re served hogwash

12 06 2009

June 09, 2009 Edition 1

Source: Cape Argus

Maybe there is someone out there who will listen to what I have to say.

After many efforts to raise the alarm about how we ordinary, poor South Africans feel after being ignored, except when an election is around the corner, perhaps someone will pay attention to our plight.
Like all poor people, I am angry and disgusted with the politicians who, only a few weeks ago, were promising us the world and telling us how important we are to them.

The elections are over and we have returned to all the negative nonsense we read in the newspapers, hear on the radio and see on TV.

Instead of all politicians starting to work on delivering to the poor, we must put up with this Zuma and Zille rubbish, Malema tantrums and black, white, coloured, trade union and gender equality nonsense.

The politicians have introduced us to South Africa’s own brand of swine flu: hogwash!

Those who made promises for our votes are too busy fighting to concern themselves with us poor people.

For example, when Nelson Mandela was president we were taken to the very cottages we were evicted from by apartheid. But through the Land Claims Commission, we have since 2000 been struggling to become home owners because we were only allowed to move back as tenants.

Up until today, we have had many meetings with the authorities, but nothing has been done to satisfy us.

For example, we are renting from the council, which as the landlord should install electricity boxes for many of us, but it refuses, expecting us poor tenants to find R2 500 to install them in council-owned houses at our own cost. And it’s a cost that nobody can afford.

All we are given is more hogwash. We are sent from pillar to post. When we apply for a senior citizen’s pension, more hogwash. They insist on bank statements from people who do not even have bank accounts because they are too poor. They are looking for lump-sum payments, they tell us.

Wives who have worked their entire life and paid taxes don’t qualify for a pension if their husbands get one.

When young married couples apply for housing, they are refused because their income is too high for a council house.

When they go to the bank to apply for a housing loan, they are told that their incomes are too low. The result is that families of between eight and 10 people are forced to live together in a two-bedroomed council cottage.

The trade unions strike and cause factories to close, throwing people out of work and onto the street.

We must still wear clothes, so we turn to the Chinese to buy, keeping them in jobs while our workers struggle. We are struggling to pay rent, electricity bills and water accounts and to buy food.

Grandparents must assist their children to help educate their grandchildren. This does not affect the fat-cats in government, who are very comfortable on the gravy train.

And politicians are getting very fine salaries themselves, and have nothing better to do, like looking after the voters. They use our money to take each other to court about gender equality matters, and spend even more of our money on lavish inaugurations. It is obscene. The people cry for bread and our politicians say “let them eat hogwash”.

When the next election comes around, the politician who knocks on my door had better bring a list of things they have done for me and my people since April 2009 before they ask for my vote.

D Bouw
Diep River




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