Symphony Way march to High Court tomorrow joined by Joe Slovo, Macassar, Gugulethu and Valhalla Park

8 06 2009

Delft Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Release
Monday 8 June, 2009 – For immediate release
(see below for other AEC events on Wed and Thurs)

The residents of Delft-Symphony Way are to appear in the Cape High Court on tomorrow, Tuesday 9th June at 09h00.

We will assemble at Kaisergracht Street (old District 6) at 08h00 and we will march from there to the High Court at about 08h30.  All 100 Symphony Way families will be present in court and accompanied in protest by the Joe Slovo community whose own eviction case is still pending in the Constitutional Court.  Abahlali baseMjondolo from Macassar will also march in solidarity with AEC members from Valhalla Park and Gugulethu.  Residents from all these communities feel that this case will set an important precendent for all shackdwellers and backyard-dwellers in South Africa regarding the acceptability and constitutionality of the apartheid-era Temporary Relocation Areas (TRAs) such as Blikkiesdorp.

Asiyi eBlikkies! Asiyi!

For more information, contact Kareemah at 0784920943 and Jane at 0784031302 and Evelyn at 0763317624

Other AEC events happening this week:

Event: Newfields Village at 8 other communities in Bellville Magistrates Court to testify in the prosecution of their former attorney who stole over 2-million Rand from them.
When: 9th-11th of June in the morning
Where: Belliville Magistrates Court
Contact: Gary at 072 392 5859

Event: Gugulethu AEC to continue to host local businesspeople who are struggling to compete and attempting to find the route causes of their problems and divert growning xenophobic anger.
When: Wednesday 10 June at 17h30
Where: Elukhanyisweni Hall on NY74 near the Fezeka Municipal Building
Contact: Mncedisi at 0785808646

Event: Gugulethu AEC to host local Somalian Traders and the Somalian Association of South Africa (Police will be present to ensure safety of participants).
When: Thursday 11 June at 15h00
Where: Gugulethu Luyolo Centre
Contact: Mncedisi at 0785808646

Event: AEC and Gympie Street residents back in court
When: Thursday 11 June
Contact: Willy at 0731443619 (for info and for court details)




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