AbM-WC chairperson has filed charges of unlawful arrest and assault against Law Enforcement

4 06 2009

Abahlali baseMjondolo of the Western Cape
4 June 2009

Mzonke Poni, Chairperson of AbM in the Western Cape, has filed charges this afternoon against Law Enforcement officers relating to his wrongful arrest and assault while in custody.

On Wednesday, Mr. Poni went back to see a doctor and get evidence of bodily harm as a result of the assault.

On Tuesday at 17h00, Mr. Poni was finally released from police custody after being assaulted by Law Enforcement officials and held at Macassar SAPS for almost 2 days. Police acknowledge that Poni was treated in hospital on Monday evening.

Mzonke Poni has been charged with “inciting public violence”, a similar charge used to detain and arrest Apartheid era activists.

Occupants of vacant City owned land in Macassar Village continue their struggle for land and housing…

For more information contact Mzonke at 0732562036 and Khanyiso at 0735403909 and Theliwe at 0832481658.

For legal comment, contact our lawyer, Vusi Matikinca, at 083 228 7331

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