Stop the bloodbath: Mass Meeting in Gugs to air grievences and stop xenophobic pogroms

2 06 2009

Guguelthu AEC Press Release – For immediate release

Venue: Elukhanyisweni Hall on NY74 near the Fezeka Municipal Building
Date: Wed, 3 June, 2009
Time: 17h30

There cannot be another bloodbath!

The Anti-Eviction Campaign is organising a second meeting of local Guguelthu businesspeople in order to prevent the renewed xenophobia that has been sweeping Cape Town.

The meeting is to air grievances and seek out the root causes of the destruction of local businesses in Gugulethu and other townships.

Everyone is invited to come and openly discuss these issues. We are expecting this meeting to be larger than the last one as hesitant residents realise this is a safe place for honest discussion.

As an organisation of poor people, by poor people and for poor people, we are committed to uniting all those struggling against oppression by rich companies and their government.

Down with xenophobic pogroms, Down!

For more information, contact Mncedisi Twalo at 078 580 8646

Click here for last week’s press release on this issue.


Media: Tension brewing in townships over foreigners

2 06 2009
June 01, 2009 Edition 1
Francis Hweshe – Cape Argus

TENSION is brewing in townships over foreign-owned shops, with one local businessman threatening violence, while another slammed government for causing the conflict.

Anti-Eviction Campaign hosts public meeting on root causes of the xenophobic crisis

Anti-Eviction Campaign hosts public meeting on root causes of the xenophobic crisis - photo by AEC

And in the hope of neutralising what they fear is mounting hostility to foreigners from elsewhere in Africa, Anti-Eviction campaign activists in Guguletu have launched a dialogue with local businesses.

They met with local businesses at a church yesterday to discuss the issue.

Local business owners who spoke to the Cape Argus – most on condition of anonymity – expressed resentment about Africans from elsewhere on the continent doing business in their community. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Get out of Philippi or else, Somali shopkeeper told

2 06 2009
June 01, 2009 Edition 1
Quinton Mtyala
Source: Cape Times

A SOMALI shopowner in Samora Machel in Philippi has complained to police that local “business people” have threatened him, telling him to leave the area by today or face the consequences. Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion: Plato, DA must stick to law or be prosecuted

2 06 2009
June 01, 2009 Edition 1
Source: Cape Argus – Opinion Page

MAYOR Dan Plato claims that his Cape Town city administration lawfully demolished shacks in Macassar Village because they were “still being erected and not occupied”.

The people whose shacks were destroyed vigorously contest Plato’s claim that their shacks were not fully erected and that they were not yet unoccupied.

They are seeking legal assistance to be able to contest this in court.

There are independent eyewitnesses who can confirm that people had in fact moved into the shacks with their furniture before the first demolitions. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Metro Police tear down shacks despite interdict

2 06 2009
June 01, 2009 Edition 1
Source: Cape Argus

Metro Police officials have torn down shacks of backyard dwellers living on city-owned land in Macassar Village in Strand despite a court interdict ordering them not to do so.

Residents allege that Metro Police officials destroyed their shacks on Saturday morning for the third time, despite being told about the court interdict issued in the Cape High Court on Friday evening.

“We told them about the court interdict and even gave it to them but they refused to even have a look at it,” said resident Thembile Komani.

The court interdict, which is in possession of the Cape Argus, states that the City of Cape Town is not entitled to de-molish, or authorise or instruct any person to demolish the structures of the occupiers of the land on New Road in Macassar Village. Read the rest of this entry »

We condemn the arrest of community leader Mzonke Poni

2 06 2009

WIVL Press Statement

Workers International Vanguard League condemns the arrest and assault of Mzonke Poni, one of the Cape Town leadership of the Abahlahli base Mjondolo movement. He is allegedly being charged for ‘public violence’. This false accusation has become a standard act of the state against those who dare to lead the resistance of the masses for their legitimate demands for housing. In this case, the demand was simply a piece of vacant land to erect a shack. In the days when the NP ruled they used to label opponents as ‘terrorists’ now the ‘democratic’ state labels us as perpetrators of ‘public violence’. The real public violence is for the state (DA and ANC) to deny homeless people a chance to put up a shelter in the middle of the cold and rainy winter. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Backyard dwellers’ leader arrested for public violence

2 06 2009

Note: Mzonke Poni is still being held.  Police spokesmen have lied to activists and journalists about having already filed charges and him appearing in court this morning.  At the moment, we are not sure when he will be charged.

June 02, 2009 Edition 1

THE leader of the Macassar backyard dwellers in their struggle for land for housing, Mzonke Poni, has been arrested soon after his organisation won an interdict against the city demolishing their shacks. Read the rest of this entry »