Media: Informal traders upset over revamp

31 05 2009

Nathan Adams | 3 Days Ago
Source: EWN

Mitchell’s Plain traders say they are desperately unhappy about a revamp of the Town Centre.

In 2008, the City of Cape Town announced plans for a makeover, including the redesign of traders’ bays and to ensure compliance with municipal by-laws.

On Wednesday, a group of stall owners held a demonstration in the market to voice their concern over the project.

One of them told Eyewitness News he cannot accept how the revamp is going to change his life.

“I’m unhappy with the allocation of spaces, trading bays for those hawkers that have been trading for a long time.”

The city, however, insists it held numerous meetings with the traders’ association and most members were in favour of the proposed changes.

Stall owner Mischka Cassiem says not everyone was consulted.

“If you say public participation, I look at the traders as a whole, but not as a few members,” says Cassiem.




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