Gympie residents in Cape High Court this evening to have an urgent application heard

29 05 2009

Woodstock AEC Press Release
29th of May, 2009

This evening, Gympie Street residents filed an urgent application at the Cape High Court.

The case was brought before Judge Maqubela in Court #7 and has now been postponed until Thursday 4th of June at 15h30.

As we have said before, the entire operation was done illegally and without consideration of the PIE Act. This is criminal.

Judge Maqubela proclaimed that he wants to be fair in this trail and was concerned about the lack of official papers authorising the sheriff of the court to enact the eviction.

On behalf of the residents, advocate Omar requested to know on what legal basis does the registrar of the court have the authority to evict people from their houses.

For more information, please contact Willy at 073 144 3619, Margarete at 072 642 7386, and Mr Omar (lawyer) at 082 492 5207

Also see our archive of information on Gympie Street


Gugulethu Anti-Eviction Campaign invitation to urgent public meeting to discuss renewed xenophobic threats

29 05 2009

Gugulethu Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Release

When: Sunday 31 May at 16h30

Venue: Qababazi Church in Gugulethu (behind Social Services)
Directions and comment: Call Mncedisi at 078 580 8646

The Anti-Eviction Campaign will host a public meeting to deal with the frightening second wave of xenophobic pogroms that is beginning to surface Cape Town.

The meeting is to be held at Qababazi Church in Gugulethu this coming Sunday at 16h30.

All concerned and/or angry organisations and residents are invited to attend. The meeting is being called by the AEC in order to help local businesses vent their frustration, unhappiness and anger.

Currently, closed-door meetings are being held by various business groups in Gugulethu. They claim that their businesses are collapsing because “white people and moslem people are using poor Africans [foreign nationals] to run them out of business”.

What happened last year was painful for the large majority of poor South Africans who were not supportive of the pogroms. This is why we, as a community, feel that it is important to discuss these issues, air out grievances, and acknowledge the root causes of xenophobia.

The huge levels of unemployment in our townships are not caused by foreigners by this government’s ant-poor economic policies.

The destruction of local businesses is not caused by foreigner’s spaza shops but by big corporations such as Shoprite and their friends in government who subsidise huge malls like Guguletu Square.

As Abahlali baseMjondolo Says: An action can be illegal. A person cannot be illegal. A person is a person where ever they may find themselves.

We call on everyone in Gugulethu not to direct their anger at other poor humans.

We struggle and are poor, not because of our poor African brothers. We struggle and are poor because we are oppressed by the rich and their government.

We will release a follow-up statement after Sunday about what we have learned from speaking to one another as brothers and sisters.

For more information, contact Mncedisi at 078 580 8646

Media: Hawkers threaten court action against city

29 05 2009
May 28, 2009 Edition 1
Francis Hweshe
Source: Cape Argus

A GROUP of 450 traders is threatening to take the City of Cape Town to court after a fall-out with officials over the re-allocation of trading bays that are being renovated.

The Concerned Hawkers and Traders Association (Chata) of Mitchells Plain claims members have been marginalised, manipulated and ignored by the city in the re-allocation of trading bays at the Mitchells Plain town centre. Read the rest of this entry »

Afrophobia: Traders threatened

29 05 2009
29 May 2009
Anna Majavu

UP IN ARMS: A year ago, violence flared up in Cape Town and other parts of South Africa as foreigners were targeted by locals . Left: Western Cape Cope leader Mbulelo Ncedane.

FEARS of repeats of last year’s xenophobic attacks are rising among foreign nationals in the Western Cape.

This started after Gugulethu traders allegedly held a series of secret meetings discussing how to remove foreign traders from the area.

A Gugulethu businessman said yesterday that local business people have held several meetings over the past three weeks, planning “what to do against foreigners”. The next meeting will take place on Sunday.

“They are complaining that their business is declining and they are furious. They are talking about foreign businesses being the major problem,” the source said.

The story was confirmed by another independent source in the community.

Now foreign nationals fear a repeat of the xenophobic violence that swept the country last May, leaving more than 150000 displaced, and hundreds more raped or murdered.

Last Sunday in Samora Machel near Nyanga, a group of 25 men identifying themselves as local business people instructed Somali shopkeepers to close shop by today. Read the rest of this entry »