Newfields and Railway to meet CT Mayor and call for Moratorium on evictions in CTCHC communities

21 05 2009

Newfields Village AEC Press Release
Where: Mayors Office
When: 13h00 Today (21 May 2009)

The Newfields Village and Railway communities are heading to the offices of  Dan Plato, the new Cape Town Mayor to hand over 69 eviction notices and demand Plato call for a moratorium on evictions in all Cape Town Community Housing Company (CTCHC) areas.

The privatised government NGO has been attempting to evict the residents for years after they unfairly raised rents to almost triple the original amount, ended their rent-to-buy program, and let the housing project fall into slumlike conditions.

As former Mayco member for house, Mr. Plato knows the issues with CTCHC all to well.  He has the power to put an end to these evictions and call for good-faith negotiations that would result in a fair rent-to-buy program.

For more information, contact Gary at 072 392 5859

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