Build homes now, Delft protesters demand

21 05 2009

May 21, 2009 Edition 1
Niémah Davids
Source: Cape Argus

Dozens of disgruntled residents from another Delft informal settlement have burnt tyres and put up cordons across the entrance and exit points of Symphony Way to protest against a lack of service delivery in the area.

The demonstration was the latest in a series of such protests to have hit Cape Town in recent weeks.

Around 100 residents of the Blikkiesdorp informal settlement, a temporary relocation area in Delft, protested for around two hours from 8am yesterday, demanding that the provincial government give them proper housing.
Police spokesman Captain Joe Wilson said that, according to information police received, the residents had been promised proper housing before the elections almost a month ago and this was what they wanted now.

“Apparently these residents are unhappy about the housing issue,” he said.

“They say they don’t want to live in the informal settlement any more.”

Wilson said the protest had been fairly quiet and that there had been no need for the police to get tough.

“Although they blocked the road and burnt tyres, it wasn’t violent – and that is good,” he said last night.

Wilson said the crowd had dispersed quietly after about two hours.

“Fortunately things did not get out of hand,” he said.

On Sunday, residents of Site 5 in Du Noon burnt tyres on Koeberg Road and the N7, saying the provincial government was ignoring their demands for land and services.

The group were demanding that a piece of land near the N7 that was privately owned be sold to the provincial government so houses could be built on it for them.

Earlier this month, the violent service delivery protest that had rocked Khayelitsha for more than a week spread to Athlone.




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