AbM-WC: Second day of the cleaning campaign: The 14th May 2009

13 05 2009

Abahlali tomorrow on the 14th of May will continue with its cleaning campaign on the land that we have identified by ourselves for our activities, and our cleaning campaign will continue till Friday.

Place: Macassar Village

Time: From 10:00 am till late

Macassar cleanup of empty land

Macassar cleanup of empty land

Direction: use N2 towards Somerset West and park at the first Engine garage after passing Barden Powell turn off, and cross the N2 towards shell and after shell garage you’ll see us or call 073 775 5132 or 083 248 165 8 to be picked up at Shell garage.

While Abahlali baseMjondolo DBN tomorrow will be contesting the slums act in the constitutional court at Johannesburg (for more info about the slums act case visit http://www.abahlali.org), Abahali baseMjondolo of the Western Cape will be contesting it on the ground.

Abahlali Western Cape supports the ABM DBN in the struggle against KZN Government; while we note that the language that is being used in the court is not the language of the poor and is not the language that is understandable to us.

We therefore (ABM WC) decided to take practical measure to mobilize communities and work towards creating sustainable communities from below as part of saying as long as government still talks about us and take decisions about us we will continue taking our decisions democratically and carry them democratically at a community level and we will refuse by all means to be bounded by their decisions and we will continue to defend our actions on the ground and if it means we must use courts as Abahlali DBN have done we will as our last resort.

For comment please call: Mzonke Poni ABM WC Chairperson at 073 2562 036

Theliwe Macikiswana at 083 248 165 8 or Ronell at 073 775 5132

View pictures of our first day of our cleaning campaign held on the 13th May 2009 at Khayelitsha Struggles.

Report of on the protest of the 13th May 2009:

The first day of our protest/cleaning campaign went very well as much as at the beginning we were intimidated by metro police and officials from the city of cape town.

The police come in the scene just after 30 minutes of our cleaning campaign and tried to intimidate people and telling us what we are doing is illegal and wanted to intimidate our community leaders. They were even taking pictures of the community leaders using their phones and when we take pictures of them back using our phones they wanted to take our phones and we have refused by all means to take intimidations from them, we remained united and defended our struggles.

While we were busy cleaning the piece of land that we believe it belongs to us by force, workers from municipality came in with municipal trucks wanted to clean the area as well with a view to illegitimate our struggle to build community from below.




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