Message by ‘Yanda’ from Umtata

12 05 2009

Author : yanda

I totally agree with the anti-eviction campaign because very often leaders who are not from where they are leading take the people for granted and they do not see the urgency of ensuring service delivery from the government. I am from Umtata and the similar thing is happening where we have councillors who are from towns we do not know, they come with a capitalistic attitude and a result development in the city has dropped to zero, our town is dirtier than ever, roads have pot holes everywhere and this is so because our leaders do not know their people, they do not understand what we want and more over, they do not know the town!Such leaders should be removed because even when they are blamed for retarded development, they will not have a conscience as compared to a leader from the area who will even be ashamed to face the community if he or she  engages in fraud and neglects our cries.

I’m glad that there are at least some people out there who are able to have the courage of standing up and saying enough is enough. this is a motivation to other communities as well.




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