Photo-Essay: Anti-Apartheid Leader Tours South Africa For First Time

11 05 2009
Note: New 60 minutes video on John Minto’s visit to South Africa including his visit to Joe Slovo, Gugulethu and Symphony Way.  John watched the Gugulethu Anti-Eviction Campaign put an evicted family back in their home and elect the committee of the new Crossroads Anti-Eviction Campaign
Source: Scoop

Activist John Minto, the public face of the campaign to stop the 1981 Springbok Rugby Tour of New Zealand, recently travelled for the first time to South Africa, in the midst of that country’s elections.

Minto has been a strong critic of the ANC government, which has just been returned to office with a two-thirds majority — this time led as president by the controversial Jacob Zuma.

Minto has been especially critical of the ANC’s free market economic policies, and last year rejected nomination for an Oliver Tambo award because “The anti-apartheid campaign was not waged simply to enrich a few black millionaires but to bring economic and social change to benefit all South Africans.” Read the rest of this entry »