Statement of support fo the election boycott by ICAN (Tafelsig)

22 04 2009

22 April, 2009

We as the Independent Community Action Network hereby forward our position on the 2009 Elections:

We will definitely boycott the coming elections as they are bourgeoisie elections. None of the parties in this election represent our needs as the poor and the working class masses of this country. We will not partake in an election to choose a new oppressor, a new custodian of capital, a new guardian of poverty.

As ICAN, we will seek to engage with the masses in terms of their needs. By participating in organisational building, we do not need your vote, rather, we need you to partake in ‘action’ to free us all. Participatory democracy is a necessary in order to achieve freedom for all. We fully support our comrades in the Anti-Eviction Campaign and we support their No Land! No House! No Vote! Campaign.Also, we would like to add that for true freedom to exist, poverty must die. For poverty to die, its root cause, Capitalism, must be abolished as well.

Down with capitalist elections, down!
Down with imperialism, down!
Down with neo-slavery, down!
Forward to freedom for all, forward!
Forward to the Independent Community Action Network, forward!
Forward to the death of poverty!
Forward to a human life for all!

Join our journey! If ICAN then UCAN

For more information contact Jumbo at 084 839 0976

I.C.A.N. is a community based organisation in Tafelsig, Mitchell’s Plain. We will not be judged through their eyes! We will not live according to their rules! We will not be pawns in their game! We will partake in our own game. We will make our own rules. Active participatory democracy, time to move from the slums of surrender. Organise to mobilise for the war against poverty




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