Media: Election boycott in Alexandria

22 04 2009

South Africa: Stolen ballots discovered amid Protests
Wednesday 22 April 2009, by Sakhile Modise
(this is an excerpt of a longer article)


Meanwhile, a group of about 300 protesters gathered at River Park in Alexandra, Johannesburg before dawn this morning.

Reports say they are all residents of a nearby squatter camp, and embarked on a protest against a lack of housing.

The toyi-toying crowd stood on an embankment on London Road, chanting “No house, no vote”.

Community leader Thabo Modisan is quoted saying people were not happy about the election and refused to vote until they got houses.

“We have been waiting since 1994 and we are still living in shacks. We were promised basic services and have not received them, and that is why we are boycotting the election,” he said.

Police, while stationed a distance away, were observing and ensuring that the peaceful protest did not get out of hand.




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