Media: ‘Path of riches wasn’t for Biko’

15 04 2009

Poor People’s Alliance: No Land! No House! No Vote!

15 April 2009
Source: The Sowetan

Azapo today is a danger to black South Africans and stands for everything that Steve Biko rejected, according to Andile Mngxitama in his new book, Why Biko would not vote.

Mngxitama says that Biko would reject black consciousness parties because they “prostitute their blackness as a lucrative path to enjoy the privileges of whiteness”.
He says if Biko was alive he would boycott the elections – along with the Abahlali base Mjondolo and Landless Peoples’ Movement. Linking Azapo and the DA, he says: “Both have pathologised crime, removing it from its socio-economic roots.”

Azapo spokesperson Nelvis Qekema said yesterday: “How anyone can see identity between a white liberal party and a black consciousness party, I do not know.” – Anna Majavu




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