Gympie street back in court to defend their homes

2 04 2009

Woodstock AEC Press Release
No Land, No Vote Campaign!

Who: Gympie Street Residents
When: 7th April 2009
Where: Cape Town Magistrate’s Court
The children of Gympie Street

The children of Gympie Street

In 2006 while we were being forced to live on the pavement – due to evictions – the Mayoral Committee of Housing promised the Gympie Street Residents that they would be given accommodation in old Woodstock Day Hospital after negotiating with Provincial Government. At the same time as this was going on Mrs Zille ignored a personal plea from the children of Gympie Street to address their educational needs, which were being denied due to the fact that they were being forced to live on the pavement and did not have access to proper meals for six weeks. Not long afterwards, once we had moved back into our houses, the City of Cape-Town’s water and electricity departments arrived and removed our water meters and electricity boxes. In doing so, they forced us to live without electricity and use a communal tap to collect water everyday. Through this, Helen Zille and the City of Cape Town have tried to take away our right to water and electricity. We demand that the City reconnect the water in our houses.

Through Mayor Helen Zille’s actions, she is showing that she would be willing to destroy the poor if they stand in the way of her bid to become the next President of South-Africa. Similarly, Pastor Dennis Robertson is willing to destroy a vulnerable community to make money. So all in all between Dennis Robertson and Helen Zille they have tried to take away our right to water, our right to electricity, our right to housing and our children’s right to education. Seeing that according to them we should not have any rights, we are refusing to vote in this year’s elections.

We would like to invite all Social-Movements, Trade Unions, NGO’s, etc, to show solidarity and support us in our bid to reclaim our rights. We also call on them not to vote for any of the parasites that make up the political parties in South Africa.

For more information contact:

Willy (Woodstock Anti-Eviction Campaign) @ 073 144 3619, Margaret @ 072 642 7386, Gary (WCAEC) @ 072 392 5859, Zehir @ 082 492 5207




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7 04 2009
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