Legal Support needed for Symphony Way Pavement Dwellers

8 03 2009

Hi there comrades!

For the 2nd time, Symphony Way residents are facing evictions.

Our children can’t go through another forced eviction – they have been traumatised too many times by the police. Every time the police or law enforcement arrive, our children run to their homes for cover because they fear the rubber bullets and pepper spray.

A few days ago, between 20-30 police vans escorted the sheriff of the court to deliver to us an application for eviction. They could have done it in a more civil way. We are people living here and not animals. While the sheriff could have spoken to us and delivered the notices in peace, instead, he decided to traumatise our children once again.

As poor pavement dwellers fighting against the bad government that seeks to hide us in concentration camps, we need your support. We ask for your solidarity when we go to the Cape High Court on the 20th of March 2009 at 10h00.

We also also ask for your help securing financial support for an attorney and advocate.

Each resident is contributing towards legal help but because we are poor, we cannot pay the exorbitant legal costs of such a landmark case. Any help, especially finding or funding an attorney to take on the case, would be appreciated.

Amandla! Qina Mhlali! Asiyi eBlikkies!

The Delft Anti-Eviction Campaign
Chairperson Jane Roberts
0784031302 or 0793051066




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