Gympie Street and St James Street Appear in Court on the same day

6 03 2009

Woodstock AEC Press Release
Friday 6th March, 2009

Throughout Woodstock, slumlords have continued their attack on tenants.

In the lastest salvo, Mr Hofmeyer from Steer & Company is attempting to evict people from their houses in St James Street. As part of this, 6 households of St James Street have been required to appear in the Cape Town Magistrates Court on the 11th of March 2009. On the very same day, two households from Gympie Street also have to appear in Court at the same venue. This latest attack by the Robertsons and the likes of Steer & Company is aimed denying people their right to housing.

As the Woodstock Anti-Eviction Campaign we condemn this latest move by these landlords to throw people out of their homes and community. These landlords grow fat and rich; while the poor suffer.

For more information contact Willy Heyn (WCAEC and Gympie Street) 073 144 3619  or Sharifa Daniels (St James Street) 021 447 4973 or Aisha Hoosan (St James Street) at 073 132 8746

For general information on evictions, contact Ashraf Cassiem (WCAEC) at 076 186 1408




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