Statement from Maureen Mnisi of the LPM 8

5 03 2009

Statement from Maureen Mnisi of the Landless Peoples Movement

Comrades, as the Landless People’s Movement, we were arrested on Sunday 1st March and put in custody and freed on bail of R500 each. We were eight. Our names are Maureen Mnisi, Maas van Wyk, Ivy Seno, Elsie Mkhuma, Shelia Masenodi, Gasa Radebe, Michael Dlamini and Chester Maluleka. One of us is under age (16 years). The case is remanded to the 25th of March. We appreciate your support, even on the 25th.

Comrades it is very difficult for me as a leader of voiceless people to be arrested all the time when I raise the views of the landless people. It is difficult for me as mother of my children and being a single parent. It is clear that the democracy that we voted in 1994 is not for the poor and landless people in urban settlements and rural areas. We are bounded to be controlled by ANC councillors because we don’t have the right to participate in our development. As soon as we try to exercise our constitutional rights the SAPS is oppressing us.

Maureen Mnisi, by cellphone text message




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