CAX launches Campaign Against Police Xenophobia and Harassment of Immigrants

23 02 2009

CAX Press Release

Coalition Against Xenophobia to picket outside the Hillbrow Magistrates Court this Wednesday 25th February at 09h00 in support of our comrade Pastor Mulumba, being tried on bogus charges laid against him by xenophobic police.
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Media: Pavement dwellers demand answers

23 02 2009
Regan Thaw | 2/23/2009 6:05:34 PM
Source: Eyewitness News

Residents who were evicted from homes at the N2 Gateway housing project in Delft have demanded their grievances be addressed.

Dozens of people were still living in temporary shelters along Symphony Way, more than a year after they were forcibly removed from the houses. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Symphony Way marks 1 year since eviction

23 02 2009

Source: Voice of the Cape
Posted on:  2009-02-21 07:53:04

Informal dwellers on Symphony Way in Delft spent 17 hours on Thursday commemorating their evictions in February last year, to highlight the plight they have suffered since living on the roadside for the past year. The event made headlines last year when some 1000 residents illegally occupied newly completed N2 Gateway homes in Delft after being on government’s housing waiting list for years. The Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign (AEC), who has been at the forefront of the Delft community’s resistance against their eviction from the N2 Gateway homes, led Thursday’s campaign on Symphony Way.
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