Solidarity: In De-Duer the people say ‘No delivery no dignity, no vote!’

15 02 2009

Forgotten by Freedom
-Service Delivery Protest-March in De-Duer, Meyerton organised by the Zakheni Land Defenders Organisation-

We, the people of De-Duer, have been forgotten by the government. We have been abandoned and left to die in the same conditions in which some of us grew up in, on these racist white farms, decades ago.

Many of us bought the land we are living on after the 1994 elections, and now the estate agents are coming with stories and trying to expropriate our land. They put our stands up for auction without even telling us, and people are forcibly removed, their homes destroyed and their possessions thrown onto the streets or stolen just as in the days of apartheid. We demand an end to evictions and forced removals. Read the rest of this entry »