Annandale residents will have a meeting at Land Affairs after developers threaten them

11 02 2009

AEC press release on behalf of Annandale Farm Crisis Committee
Wednesday 11 February, 2009

Meeting with Department of Land Affairs
Time: 12th of February at 14h00
Location: Land Affairs, 8th floor, Nedbank Building

After residents informed Ronald Shell that they would only accept the first deal that was endorsed by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (EADP), Ronald sent Toni – the social worker – to threaten the residents. According to Gys Tietie, she arrived on Friday the 6th and instead of speaking to the whole community, she began spreading rumors to all the residents.

According to another resident, Selmien Kock, “Toni said that the entire deal is now off and that residents will be evicted and will receive no compensation at all”. She added that the Anti-Eviction Campaign has no money and that Ronnie and the developers will squash any attempt at apposing the development.

Selmien and other residents are very angry at the way they are being treated and are calling for polite negotiations without threats and abuse. Residents know its illegal to evict any tenant without adequate compensation. 55,000 rand is clearly inadequate considering the multi-billion rand cost of the project and recommendations by the EADP.

Residents are therefore excited to get out their side of the story at a meeting hosted by the Department of Land Affairs. The meeting will take place tomorrow (12th of February) on the 8th floor of the Nedbank Building in Strand Street at 14h00. Developers Ronnie Shell and David Pearson from Blue Wave Properties 163 will be present along with a representative of the Anti-Eviction Campaign.

Selmien Kock at 073 234 3264
Gys Tietie 076 475 8359

For legal background and other info contact Ashraf from the AEC at 076 186 1408




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