Mitchell’s Plain Traders still protesting their exclusion

31 01 2009

The following is a letter by Mitchell’s Plain Concerned Hawkers and Traders Association as they continue to protest against Helen Zille’s crusade against informal business in Cape Town. All of Cape Town’s townships have to deal with anti-traders by-laws promoted by all the political parties. This is why the AEC is proposing: No Land! No House! No Trading! No Vote!

Good Day Cllr Gabriels,

We would like to thank you for standing up for the traders of Mitchell’s Plain. We know exactly what took place on 3 December 2008. We were present at that meeting. A hearty thanks to Cllr I Salwary as well.

It’s shocking to see what the DA stands for , empowering the rich rather than the poor. It’s disgusting to think they come out to our poor people voting time, but when the very same public who votes for DA turn to the DA for help, they simply do what they did on 3 December 2008. We would like you to know how we feel. Taking our livelyhood away will destroy us emotionally, financially and mentally, knowing the high cost of living, school fees, groceries, ect.

We were shocked to see how the “Honourable Mayor Hellen Zille” went on in the meeting. We are encouraging all the people in Mitchell’s Plain to open their eyes and see what the DA is doing to our poor people. Billions of rands are being spent for upgrades for the airport, bus interchanges and shopping malls. We want the Mayco members to take a good look at areas such as Tafelsig, Eastridge, why not upgrade their homes, build better homes for those poor people. Now it’s ver very clear what the DA stands for. Empowering the rich, but come your monthly full council meetings, you hear about the ANC”S flashy cars, expensive clothing, the schools their kids attends gets tabled. Now what about the DA”S wrong doings, gets neatly swept under the carpet.

This is our fourth email we have sent thus far, and no action or reply was received from the city’s side. We refer to our email sent on 18 January 2008 and 26 January 2008. When are those officials who lied to the city and the traders about the objections going to be dealt with. We are well aware that the all the DA officials voted against the traders and the ANC was in favour of the traders. According to the constitution, Act 108 of 1996 we request all the minutes between Mr Paul Williamson and the defunct body in the Mitchells Plain.

Cllr Gabriels we call apon National Government to intervent in this matter. We request an investigation regarding Mr Paul Williamson, Waleed George and Allistiar Graham. We have the right to request this according to Chapet 6 of the constitution Act 108 of 1996 page 67.
We would like the city to remove all the posters of the constitution hanging in the chambers, cause surely the DA is not complying with the Constitution.
We are sick and tired of being cheated. The DA is using our own people to fight against us, and this is dividing our community. This is definetly not in the Constitution of South Africa. Where was the major in the apartheid era. It’s through the ANC that all the other small parties could be registered. We encourage our people to equip themselves with knowledge by reading their constitution.
National Treasury has granted R304 000 000. 00 for the upgrade of M/Plain and Lentegeur, but there are no funds for proper housing, makes us think does’nt it.
Cllr Gabriels we would appreciate your help with further investigations. Cllr, kindly ask Mansoor Mohammed why he did not keep his promise. He sent our attorney an email in July stating that a new body must be elected democratically. We have a copy of this email. Infact we have copies of everything. Kindly advise if this should be sent to your office.

Kindly note our email address is noeriya[at]

Many thanks,

Mrs Mieshka Cassiem

Concerned Hawkers and Traders Association
Tel : 073 128 6657




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