Evictions of Women and Children, Police Intimidation in Wes Bank

8 01 2009

Delft Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Statement
08 January, 2009

At least 20 families, mostly women and children, have been evicted from their homes in Wes Bank, Delft.  As has routinely been the case in other sections of Delft, the evictions were carried out under police intimidation and a heavy police presence.

On 18 December, ten police vans from the Mfuleni Police Station arrived at 10am in Wes Bank to evict a woman, her two daughters and granddaughter.  “We were treated like criminals,” she said.

After breaking down the door, police swore at her and another elderly woman who was present at the scene of the eviction.  A police officer reportedly also pushed the elderly woman.  They were instructed to leave the premises by 1pm.

She said that she, like other residents, left the house out of fear of the police.  Her possessions remained inside the house.  When she attempted later to return to retrieve her clothes, and other such items, police again came to the house, placed her in a police van and took her to the police station.  She is currently residing with family elsewhere; her possessions remain inside the house.

The woman lodged a complaint at the police station on 21 December, at which point police also swore at her.  She opened a case to obtain an interdict against the eviction, and will appear in the Ester River court next week, on 12 January 2009.

The woman had received a letter in October 2008 notifying her that if she did not move, a court order would be obtained for her eviction.  However, a court order was not obtained, but rather an interdict.  The other families evicted in the area were also removed by interdict. This is obviously an illegal and unjust new approach to evictions.

For more information, contact Aunty Jane 078 4031 302 and Magdelina 079 577 4169




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